Google Maps, Waze and Coyote will no longer be able to report police checks from July 2018

Friday, June 22, 2018 update: The decree that will ban Google Maps, Waze, Coyote and other GPS apps from notifying you of police checks will take effect from July 2018, our Parisian colleagues explain. For the record, this decree was christened by Harry Potter in reference to his famous invisibility cloak and will therefore allow the police to go unnoticed.

Google Maps, Waze, Coyote and other GPS apps are targeted with the new project. road safety of the government. These applications will no longer be able to report the presence of certain individuals, at the request of the police. police checks. most IRB, Inter-ministerial Committee for Road SafetyPublished a project entitled Save more lives on our roads. Its aim in 18 measures is to reduce the death toll on French roads. So one of them is related to GPS applications.

Soon, law enforcement will be able to force Waze, Coyote, and their competitors to temporarily suspend location checks. To do this, they will forward to them around areas where applications cannot transmit reports. A device that can also be deployed during counter-terrorism and anti-crime operations. La Dépêche reported that the reporting of speed controls is still possible. Users are considered to have a good effect on their driving and are therefore encouraged to slow down.

Google Maps, Waze, Coyote and other GPS apps will need to suspend some police check reports

The measure reflects the draft decree of April 2017. The Ministry of Interior then sent the text to the European Commission demanding that anti-radar applications be banned in the name of counter-terrorism. Technically, it’s no longer possible to definitively report speed cameras on Waze. However, those who use the application bypass this ban by using the application’s reports. danger zones.

Google Maps, which will soon make it possible to locate speed cameras and avoid controls, may also be of concern. Users will soon be able to report traffic accidents, speed cameras and speed controls through the application. We don’t yet know how it will comply with French law, with a system certainly similar to Waze’s.

Traffic accidents have been on the rise again since 2014. Thus, there were 9 deaths and 65 serious injuries per day in 2016. Unfortunately, 2017 confirms this trend. Speed ​​remains the leading cause of fatal crashes (31%). However, in 2016, 29% of fatal accidents were caused by drunk driving and approximately 22% by drug use. according to the report IRBreporting the situation to law enforcement undermines the effectiveness of controls aimed at detaining perpetrators of risky behavior“.

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