Google Maps Street View now lets you travel back in time

One of both Google Maps already known for its immersive 3D views, now we have another reason to appreciate it, because the mod street view enriched with a brand new feature. It’s no longer just a matter of visualizing spaces as they did in 2014, but also time travelling. At least, go back to 2007 when Street View was introduced. A feature that Google describes as a kind of “digital calendar of recent history”.

To do this, go to the service as you normally would, then click on the clock in the top left. View all changes made in a particular location since 2007 by placing your mouse cursor over the scaled-down images corresponding to different shots of the same place taken at different times.

Currently only available at: Desktop version of Google MapsUnfortunately, this new feature is limited to only the last seven years, but that doesn’t mean the places and landscapes we regularly view in Street View don’t have time to change in the meantime. In particular, the different stages of construction of the Freedom Tower in New York, which can be seen in the example above, come to mind.

Obviously, this new functionality of Street View will be even more interesting in 10 or 20 years when it comes to visualizing the places we’ve evolved as it is today. For once, this new feature is not limited to American users, but also French 3D views. Sorry for some that the latest skins haven’t been updated since 2010. That could change though, Street View is now more “collaborative” thanks to Photo Sphere.

For test this new featurehappens here.

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