Google Maps: Street View layer now available on Android

If Street View is a very practical function and is integrated into Google Maps on the desktop, its use on Android has not been more precise and intuitive until now. The Mountain View company decided to remedy the situation to make the service more easily available to smartphone users.

Google Maps better integrates Street View

First, a Street View layer has been added. You can activate it by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the map, just below the profile picture in the search bar. takes place in Discover. The app then shows all lanes where Street View is available in blue. If you live in a big city, almost everything turns blue. In addition to this option, you can keep the view. Default, Satellite or Relief (Map type) as well as Transport, Traffic or Cycling information (Map details).

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But the most important thing is not there. If you enable the Street View layer, simply tap on the desired location on the map; Maps will show you the Street View of the location. Much faster, more convenient and intuitive than the old system. And once you’re in Street View, you can zoom and pan like before. Small caveat, though, that the Street View layer is not very attractive (see screenshots below). Unless you’re using Street View by default, it’s best to leave it off and only enable it when needed.

google maps street view

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