Google Maps now reports crashes like in Waze, speed cameras soon?

Google Maps is starting to report accidents and closed roads, like Waze. The feature is rolling out and some users already have access to it. The next step is the possibility of reporting the presence of an automatic speed camera or cruise control. It is not yet clear how Google will deal with French law in this area.

Launching a new feature that enables report accidents It started on Google Maps. The application can warn drivers when a road is closed for any reason or a work is in progress. Android Police reports that the first instance of users got this option. Probably everyone should be able to enjoy it in the coming weeks.

Google Maps copies Waze and starts reporting of accidents and closed roads

In mid-June 2018, we learned that Google Maps, like Waze, could find the location of speed cameras and police checkpoints. Information collected by Android Police by examining the code of the APK version of the app. The media has already talked about the possibility of reporting accidents later. So in the future we will have the same functionality for automatic speed cameras or speed controls.

In theory, it’s even possible to use reports reporting an accident to warn other users of the presence of a speed camera or controller. In other applications such as Coyote danger zones to avoid problems with the law. This could be about anything and so speed cameras and controls are not reported directly, but users understand that it is a possibility when a danger zone is indicated to them.

The timing of the arrival of this new feature for the French is pretty bad. Indeed, Google Maps, Waze, Coyote and others will no longer be able to report certain police checks as of July 2018. In theory, it’s a measure more about alcohol and drug control and the fight against terrorism and crime than speed.

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