Google lists offline games on Google Play

Google has added an “offline games” category to the Android play store. This temporary collection is witnessing a new economic phenomenon in the mobile game industry.

For a while, games tended to fall into two categories. On the one hand, paid games that can be played offlineother free games to be connected.

In both cases, the players reduce gaming experiences to pay for pots broken by hackers and other malicious people. For example, in public transporteven in some poorly covered areas of France the network is not always stable.

These security measures represent the millstone on the feet of players who are eagerly waiting for a more efficient economic model to emerge if there is no solution against scammers and hackers.

Still, in this battle between developers and hackers, players’ opinion doesn’t seem to outweigh the balance.

The most obvious and scandalous example of this phenomenon is none other than giant Gameloft’s famous Modern Combat 5: Blackout. Despite its current high price, the publisher secures the award for the least friendly studio to users with this title and also prohibits offline play.

So that this dual policy does not become the norm, European Commission recently called for better consumer information. In this regard, Google launched a new category of games this week. Google Play store. Offline category that allows games to be sorted by this criterion.

There are paid games like classics Rayman Fiesta Run, Prince of Persia Shadow and Flame or Assassin’s Creed Pirates. On the other hand, the free games offered are less well known apart from the famous Asphalt 8 (among others).

Access the collection on Google Play via the link below.

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