Google launches SOS Alerts, app that notifies disasters in real time

In October 2014, Facebook officially launched a new service called “. Security check “. Integrated with Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, this device can help users protect themselves from a natural disaster (earthquake, fire, etc.).

Therefore, the main task of the functionality is to guarantee the safety of mobile users, and it was also in real use during the attacks in Paris in November 2015. The Security Check therefore makes it possible to be informed about the development of a sometimes chaotic situation. A very ingenious system that Google has recently launched!

SOS Alerts: Google launches user protection system in case of disaster

Now it’s Silicon Valley giant Google’s turn to offer its own service for victims of natural disasters and/or terrorist attacks. baptized” SOS alerts “The device is intended to be in close line with the social network Facebook (soon to be paid) in terms of functions.

Integrated with Google Search and Google Maps, SOS Alerts alert mobile users in real time when they are close to a dangerous area Via posts that appear at the top of Google search pages. Developed in collaboration with government agencies from nearly 12 countries, the Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Agency, users are aware of everything happening in real time.

In addition, the system, which is similar in principle to Facebook, includes sensitive places, closed roads and also places that can act as shelter at such times. Lots of useful features that can be used by many, so to speak. We commemorate those who lost their 8-month-old babies in the attacks in Nice and found them thanks to Facebook.

Through SOS Alerts, Google tends to show that user safety is paramount in such situations. The app was announced earlier this week and is now available in all countries around the world.

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