Google Duo is finally available on the web!

Available on Android smartphones since 2016, Google Duo quickly exploded all download records to the point of being the most downloaded app on the Play Store in the United States. There are many reasons to choose Google Duo over Skype or Facebook Messenger.

Google Duo is accessible on the web: here’s how it works

It’s very simple to access the service via your browser. just go to the site During the first boot, Duo will ask if you are already using the service. If this is not the case, Google will provide you with an activation code directly on your smartphone. You’ll be able to activate your account and search within seconds.

This is even easier if you already use Duo on Android or iOS. To get started, just sign in with the same Google account more than is entered into the application. If you’ve already linked your account to your browser, you don’t even have to. You will instantly get a list of your compatible contacts.

Your browser sends you a notification when you receive a call on Google Duo. However, you will be free get it on your smartphone or computer. Of course, you can choose between an audio or video call.

With the arrival of Google Duo on the web, the Mountain View company wants to breathe new life into its search service to more users. Could the service succeed in replacing Messenger, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp? Have you ever used Duo?

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