Google Chrome will warn you when installed extensions have malware

Google Chrome

In an effort to combat the constant influx of unwanted and potentially harmful extensions into the Chrome Web Store, Google A feature that notifies users when an installed extension is removed from the storeIt’s a sign that could mean it’s a malicious app.

The Chrome Web Store has long been infiltrated by unscrupulous developers who produce these extensions behind which malware hides. A few weeks ago, computer security researchers detected about three dozen of them, but this is a phenomenon that has been present in Chrome for several years. Whether injecting ads, tracking user activity, redirecting to linked pages, or even compromising sensitive information such as your personal data, these extensions pose serious security risks and ensure privacy is protected.

This feature will prompt Chrome users to remove extensions detected as malware or Removed from the store due to policy violations. Google points out that extensions may be removed from the Chrome Web Store for a variety of reasons, including policy violations, non-publishing by the developer, or malware detection.

Although this feature is planned for Chrome 117 Test in Chrome 116 by enabling the experimental “Security Checked Extensions” feature. Here’s how to do this:

  • Open Chrome and type:chrome://flags/#security-control-extensions” in the address bar.
  • press “EntranceTo access the Chrome “Flags” page.
  • Find the property”Extension Module in Security Check” and enable it.
  • Restart the browser as prompted to enable the feature.

Once the feature is enabled, a new option appears in the settings “Privacy and securityThis allows users to view extensions that have been removed from the Chrome Web Store. By clicking this option, Users will be redirected to extension pages where details of removed extensions will be listed, including the reasons for removal.

Clearly, Users are strongly advised to remove these potentially harmful extensions immediately. To ensure the security of your data and prevent future attacks.

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