Google Chrome: Dark mode on Android will also apply to web pages

Many Google Chrome users are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the dark mode, which is in preparation for both the web application and the release. android. A preview of this dark mode in Chrome 73 beta found that only browser interface elements were darkened, not the background of visited web pages. It must be said that such a Dark Mode will not really be complete, but Google is working to fully implement the dark theme. It should also apply to web pages.

Google Chrome: dark mode will also affect web pages

Also applied to web pages, google chrome dark mode it should look more like YouTube, which changes the look of all content. One wonders why it could be otherwise, but the truth is that the delivery of websites is solely up to the developers while YouTube is fully controlled by Google.

But according to 9to5Google, the Mountain View company has found a way to force web pages to be blacked out to actually complete this mod. white, for better readability at night and especially to prevent users’ eyestrain.

A change to the public Chromium source code has introduced a new option. enable-android-web-content-dark-mode It will be added to the Google Chrome core flags. Just the name gives you an idea of ​​what it’s all about: allowing dark mode for web content on Android.

Going further into Chromium’s source code, 9to5Google discovered that the option makes it possible to force Blink, Google Chrome’s rendering engine, to adapt the color of web pages based on their contrast. By doing this, backgrounds and other interfaces that will have light color will be automatically darkened to full dark mode.

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