Google Calendar shows us what the next version of Android might look like, the American site that gave us the first screenshot of Gmail’s next big update last week, has released new screenshots of the next version of the app. Google Calendar aka Google Calendar in french. Images that reveal a series of graphic changes compatible with those of Gmail and may well be clues to lead us to explore. New design of the next version of Android.

Apart from the graphic revision that the application will undergo visibly, Google Calendar for example, it should be enriched with a new “Daily agenda” function that allows you to send an e-mail at a certain time of the day.

While the most important appointments of the day will be coded with different colors, birthday reminders will also be on the calendar. Another section of the calendar should also list your friends’ upcoming birthdays. Google+. So a calendar that will become more social, which is not surprising given the efforts Google is prepared to make in imposing its services.

As the author of this leak pointed out, this new version Google Calendar for Android would also offer parallax effects random dots in the header image and some visual embellishments are unfortunately not visible in the screenshots.

While there’s currently no way of knowing if these screenshots are truly genuine, the similarities to previous Gmail screenshots are too much to be considered a one-off chance. Also, Google tests many software internally and externally before releasing it, so it’s not surprising that as time goes on, leaks increase.

The leaks will accelerate until June, when the Google I/O 2014 conference will be held, which could be marked by the presentation of the next version of Android.


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