Gmail: No need to strain yourself typing emails thanks to AI

Google is strengthening its position in productive AI by offering features that enable users. Create texts in the apps of the Workspace suite. Generative AI tools include the ability to automatically generate drafts based on requests in Docs and Gmail, as well as the ability to automatically generate images, audio, and video for presentations in Slides.

This announcement comes at the same time that OpenAI announced its new super-intelligent multi-mode model, GPT-4, that can understand both images and text. He’s the one we’ll find on ChatGPT soon. and it is already accessible in the new version of Microsoft Bing.

Google wants to make your life easier with AI

Google’s goal is to integrate generative AI models into nearly every part of the Workspace. Compose emails for you in GmailIt helps you write documents in Docs, create formulas in Sheets, take notes in Meet, or create text, images, audio, and video in Slides.

Google has announced that it will soon integrate artificial intelligence into Docs and Gmail. After writing a few words about the topic you want to discuss, create an outline. Thanks to the other suggestions of artificial intelligence, you will of course be able to continue to improve and change the project.

Google Workspace has long been a pioneer of real-time collaboration, where people work together on our products in real time. Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said at a press conference: The next step is to have an AI collaborator working with people in real time to help people. “.

For now these new features only available to a very limited number of “trusted” users. Google needs to make sure everything is working as expected before giving it away 3 billion users of Workspace. During Bard’s presentation, artificial intelligence got it wrong in the middle of the conference, and Google told its employees to work hard to fix the flaws. It is not yet known whether the company has been successful in this.

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