Gmail: Google still uses AI to make suggestions based on your search history


Google announced a new feature Gmail will make life easier for its users. The company claims that its app will now look at your search history to make suggestions regarding the recipients of your emails and even the current conversation. Will make deployed within the next two weeks.

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Gmail has been a publicly available email client for almost fifteen years. The basic storage capacity offered by Gmail is 15GB, and if you’ve had an account for a long time, you know that organizing your mailbox is a losing battle despite your best efforts. Google wants to fix this and plans to improve its search function to help you find your emails more easily.

Gmail will deliver more contextually relevant results based on your search history

Gmail is changing very quickly. First of all, in terms of aesthetics, the new interface is now imposed on all users. The most attentive users also noticed after this: Gmail automatically suggests contacts even speeches depending on the content of your email. In the company’s own words, “these suggestions appear as you type search terms.” “These relate to information (messages, contacts, labels, or previous searches) contained in your Gmail account.”

“We’ve been offering search history results for a while, but in this case we’re analyzing your past searches and using them to optimize actual results.” We are aware that this improvement in service is not something extraordinary at first glance. However, it required the use advanced technologies such as machine learning. An area in which Google specializes. One of the best examples of this is the company’s latest smartphone, the Pixel 7 Pro, which has become a benchmark in photography thanks to artificial intelligence.

Source : Google Blog

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