Gmail: Google asks Microsoft Edge users to switch back to Chrome

When you sign in to your Google account from an unknown web browser or a new device, A connection alert is automatically sent to our Gmail address. This is a security measure to ensure that a hacker does not try to take over your account.

Google promotes Chrome in Gmail login alerts

Typically, the sign-in alert contains only summary information about the device that signed in to your account, such as geolocation or terminal type. However, according to TechDows, Google has recently been showing an additional message to Internet users who have logged into their Google accounts from Microsoft Edge instead of Chrome.

“Hello, you have logged on to a new computer. Get the most out of Windows 10 with Chrome Browser. Chrome is a fast, simple and secure browser designed for the modern web” Google ad in Gmail login alert. Even this ad takes up most of the space. Security guidelines for protecting your Google Account have been reduced to the bottom of the page in fine print.

It’s not the first time Google is trying to win over Microsoft Edge users with ads that are a little too intrusive. A few months ago, Google was already showing a large advertising banner on the Chrome Web Store to gather Microsoft Edge users. Is Google afraid of Microsoft’s competition in this area? We welcome your feedback in the comments.

Source : TechDows

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