Gmail: dark mode finally arrives on Android and iOS, official

After a few false leaps, Gmail is finally switching to dark mode on Android. Google has run tests on Android 10 in recent weeks, but only a handful of users have qualified for them. In an article published on its blog on September 24, the firm confirms the distribution of the dark mode starting today.

Gmail: dark mode comes to Android

Android 10’s dark mode is supposed to automatically apply to all compatible apps. With this in mind, Google apps gradually lined up even before the release of the new version of the operating system. Gmail was missing, however, but joined the ranks after a few weeks of testing.

We’re further enhancing the Gmail experience on Android and iOS devices by introducing support for dark themes. Dark theme starts rolling out today “, Google writes. To activate it, those who already have Android 10 on their smartphones will simply need to go to the Android display settings and enable the system-wide dark theme. Gmail’s interface will automatically adapt like any other Google application.

For those who own Google Pixel, the dark world is also applied automatically when the smartphone goes into energy saving mode. For other versions of the operating system, an option in Gmail settings also lets you apply the dark theme directly from the app. just get in Settings > Theme and select “Dark”.

Finally, Google explains it distribution will be extended over the next 15 days. The changes will be enabled on the server side. So a Gmail update should have no effect. If you haven’t received it yet, you’ll have to wait a few more days.

Source : Google

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