Germany requires 7 years of updates and spare parts for Android and iOS smartphones

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As you know, Europe is expected to introduce repair rights for smartphones this year. More specifically, the European Commission plans to impose an obligation on manufacturers. Providing spare parts and software updates for 5 years (6 years for tablets). Manufacturers will also be required to publish the prices of each spare part and maintain this for 5 years. However, there will be no limit on prices.

Only for the German government These measures are not strong enough. In fact, he wants to advocate even stricter rules. Replacement parts and software security updates should be available, he said. 7 yearsduring Spare parts prices must be reasonable.

In addition, German authorities want to speed up the delivery time of spare parts. For example, the European Commission currently allows a maximum of 5 working days. ““This issue needs to be discussed,” he said. He assured the spokesperson of the German Ministry of Economy and reminded: ““A long delay may encourage customers to opt for replacement rather than repair.”

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Manufacturers condemn impossible measures

From the perspective of DigitalEurope, the industry association representing manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple and Huawei, The recommendations of the commission and the German government cannot be realized. First, the association believes that manufacturers should not be obliged to supply parts other than screens and batteries. Other parts such as speakers, photo sensors or microphones are less likely to fail.

Moreover, the association believes that the Commission’s minimum requirements for battery life are too ambitious, as there are few manufacturers who can offer batteries with at least 80% capacity after 1000 charging cycles. The organization recommends increasing this threshold to 800 cycles.

In France, authorities have now implemented the repairability index that has appeared in electronic devices since January 1, 2021. As a reminder, this index allows manufacturers to self-assess the repairability of their products. The aim of the maneuver is to combat waste and planned obsolescence. Although 8 months have passed since its implementation, this measure has not been able to convince the French, who have difficulty taking the index into account when purchasing.

Source : Heise Online

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