Galaxy S6: T-Mobile Jump vs Payments vs Out of Contract

When you go to buy the T-Mobile Galaxy S6, you don’t have as many plans and pricing options as with other carriers, but you still face the important decision of how to pay for the new phone and how quickly you want to upgrade. your Galaxy S6 to a Galaxy note 5 or any other device. This is the easiest way to make a decision and make your payments now, one year after purchasing the device.

You might think T-Mobile Jump is the only way to pay for a new phone from T-Mobile, but if you’re upgrading for the first time in a while, you might be surprised to learn that it’s a standard payment plan and you can still get the Galaxy S6. buy without contract. The only thing you can no longer do is buy a Galaxy S6 with a two-year T-Mobile contract. The carrier no longer offers service contracts and the plan options are simpler than before.

In this article, we compare T-Mobile Jump, T-Mobile monthly payments, and purchase on contract or unlock from T-Mobile to make sure you’re buying the right plan and options.

Here’s what you need to know about T-Mobile Jump and monthly payments.

The overall goal is to help you get the plan and payment plan you want. T-Mobile Jump is $10 more per month, but you get good value with this plan. If you’re already buying phone insurance, you’re probably better off using T-Mobile Jump, which also includes phone insurance.

The two biggest ways to buy the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 are the monthly payments and the Jump plan.

You can also buy on contract, but this basically puts the full purchase price up front rather than spread it out over two years. With this option, you can upgrade at any time or leave T-Mobile at any time. If you buy an unlocked Galaxy S6 from another source, you may end up paying a little more and also missing out on T-Mobile WiFi calling features. This is not a problem if you buy from T-Mobile without a contract.

T-Mobile Monthly payments continue to connect you to T-Mobile, but pay for your phone instead of a service contract. If you want to leave, you can turn off the phone early.

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T-Mobile splash and PayoutsYou can add T-Mobile Jump to your Galaxy S6 for an additional $10 per month. You can upgrade faster with this option and normally get $8 plus insurance worth Lookout Mobile Security. Here are the T-mobile Jump details;

The problem here is that you have to pay 50% off before upgrading to a new phone and trade in the old phone to do so. It’s worth it for many users, but you’ll want to think about what you normally do with an old phone. You may not want this option if you’re usually giving it to a family member for an upgrade. Although you have insurance against loss, theft, and mechanical damage, the exemption amount to file a claim is $175, so keep that in mind. You can add Jump to any plan within 14 days of purchasing your phone.

Here’s a comparison of the prices to buy the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 with the 3GB plan.

T-Mobile Jump vs Payments vs Out of Contract

T-Mobile Options Payable at time of purchase SIM Card Kit monthly payments Monthly Service 3GB Total Cost 1st Year Total Cost Two Years / End of Payment
T-Mobile Payment Plan $0.00 $15.00 $28.33 50 Dollars 955 dollars $1,895
T-Mobile Jump $0.00 $15.00 $38.33 50 Dollars $1,075 $2,135
T-Mobile Closed Contract $679.92 $15.00 $0.00 50 Dollars $1,295 $1,895

The T-Mobile Jump plan is $240 more expensive after two years, while you only pay $120 for this privilege if you want to upgrade after one year. This includes insurance, which is normally $8 per month, so if you usually buy insurance, you’ll actually only pay $24 for the upgrade privilege after a year.

For users who don’t buy insurance and don’t need to upgrade early, the T-Mobile payment plan is a better deal than canceling the contract in most cases. this allows you to spread your payments over two years with no interest, so you can use the money in other ways.

With any of these options, you get T-Mobile Data Stash to move unused data to the next month, WiFi search, and other useful features like Music Freedom, which doesn’t count the data you use to stream music from many popular streaming services.

There’s currently a T-Mobile Galaxy S6 deal that includes one year of free Netflix with the purchase of the Galaxy S6. If you choose a Galaxy S6 with more than 32GB of storage, you’ll need to pay $99 or $199 upfront when purchasing the phone. .

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