Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S8: Is It Worth Upgrading?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the best phones money can buy right now as we head into the holidays and into 2020. In this guide, we’ll go over everything that’s new, what’s changed, and how the Galaxy S10 compares to the Galaxy S8. those who want to upgrade.

If you still own the Galaxy S8, it’s probably starting to show its age and that it’s almost three years old. That said, they’re still capable phones with great cameras, running Android 9 Pie, and will likely see Android 10 next year. Just because it’s something new doesn’t mean you should upgrade.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S10 offers a larger edge-to-edge display, bezel-less triple rear cameras, screen aperture, lightning-fast performance and much longer battery life. Here’s why you should or shouldn’t upgrade.

In 2018, Samsung launched the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. Both phones had powerful cameras and large curved screens with a stylish design, and while they were great, not much has changed compared to the Galaxy S8. They were almost the same. Nothing has changed on the Galaxy Note 9 either. This is why many people still own a Galaxy S8.

This year, however, there are some key changes to the Galaxy 10 that make it worth the upgrade for almost everyone. From screen sizes, in-display fingerprint scanner, battery life, up to five cameras and more. Changes worth paying for. Personally, the battery life alone is worth the upgrade, especially if a 3-year-old Galaxy S8 probably isn’t holding its charge like it used to.

Samsung actually launched four different Galaxy S models in 2019. These; Galaxy S10e, regular S10, slightly larger Galaxy S10+ and massive 6.7-inch Galaxy S10 5G. We’ll only focus on the regular and plus model, but Galaxy S8 owners can be happy with the S10e if they’re on a budget.

If you’re still rocking an old Galaxy and trying to decide whether you need an upgrade this holiday season or if you should wait for the Galaxy S11, this is the right place. Our slideshow below has tons of useful information, comparisons, pricing information, and details for buyers or those planning an upgrade.

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