Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 5: Worth Upgrading?

With Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders ready and the release date almost here, buyers are forced to make a tough choice. Those who own the aging Galaxy Note 5 have plenty of new phones to choose from, and we’ll help you decide if the Note 8 is the right choice. After the Note 7 was recalled, the Note 5 is Samsung’s last Note device. Here’s how it compares to the newest version.

The rumors were a hit. The Galaxy Note 8 has a larger 6.3-inch screen, two cameras on the back, and lots of software improvements. A lot has changed since the Note 5, but not everyone will like some of the changes.

Samsung’s new Note is available for pre-order as we speak, with a release date scheduled for September 15. It’s also expensive, coming in at over $900. Is it worth the upgrade? Keep reading to find out.

While the Galaxy Note 5 is still a great phone, it’s starting to show signs of aging. This is because Samsung’s new phones are water resistant, have microSD cards and have very advanced cameras. There are many reasons to upgrade to the Galaxy Note 8 and we’ll explore them all in the slideshow below.

If you are still using the Galaxy Note 5, you are considering upgrading. And while the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ were attractive options earlier this year, Samsung brought even more to the table with the all-new Note. It’s bigger, faster than ever, and has a few extra software tricks.

Typically the choice is about getting the latest specs or a bigger screen, but there’s so much more to this upgrade cycle. Mainly because many still have it on the Note 5, due to the recall of the Galaxy Note 7. As a result, you have a phone that is a few years old and lacks many essential features.

We want to help you make the right decision for those of you in distress. Here we will compare the old Galaxy Note 5 with the new Galaxy Note 8. Additionally, we’ll explain what’s worth buying it or whether it’s better to get a Galaxy S8+ instead.

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