Fotolia Instant: We tested the app that lets you save with your photos

Apps represent the new (not so much) era of our phones, and there are apps for everything from GPS to notepads to the cloud and messaging… everything is there and even apps to make money… money. Fotolia Instant is one of the last, far from the first in the industry, but this time the principle is to use (or not use) your skills as a photographer.

This application is made for those who are addicted to photography on the phone or want to get started. Whether you are an expert in selfies, landscape photos, “natural” photos or other subjects, Fotolia can be useful for you. In the effect, will let you monetize your photos. As you will understand, the principle of this application is to pay for the photos you send.

Fotolia, the leader in royalty-free image banks in Europe, is expanding its reach and allowing you to take photos for sale on You’re going to tell me you don’t need the app to do this, that’s true, but Provides unmatched convenience. All you have to do is take a photo and send it to the app and over 6 million professional customers will review your photo.

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It looks great on paper, so we tested it for you. Most apps that offer you to do something like do you a favor, test an app, or even take a photo for a certain amount of money, overdo their features a bit. In fact, we don’t usually earn much, but that’s not always the case.

I don’t know the amount as I couldn’t get a commission for my share due to my ineptness in photography, it definitely depends on your shoot. Also, the great difficulty is that Our photo must be approved by the Fotolia team.Goodbye if it doesn’t meet the conditions. These terms are aesthetic (no retouching) as well as legal (copyright, image rights, etc.)

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You will be prompted to create your account from launch, which is a very simple sign-up at the beginning and after logging in you will need to expand it. To send a photo to the Fotolia team you will need to see that your profile is complete from A to Z, there is nothing too complicated in itself, it also needs to be verified by the company. Undoubtedly, it is very safe.

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In short, after the administrative part is over, let’s get back to work. Whether you choose from your photos or take them one by one and upload them to the app. At this point you should know that THEM indoor shots are not recommendedalso filters and photo montages are not welcome, most sought after for “natural” shots.

fotolia snapshot

As you can see above, unfortunately I’m far from being a good photographer, then it’s more complicated for me. Attention If your photos look like nothing, they will never be accepted.. Once you get a better photo than mine, you should start indexing it. You will receive a warning message that you need to create at least 4 keywords and of course a title on the photo.

Choose them well, because keywords are the main elements that characterize your photo, which makes it easy to find, let’s say. As I told you above, you should pay attention to the legal limitsIf a person is identified in your photo, you will definitely need his permission to use his picture, be sure, it can be done very easily through this application.

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After completing all the steps and fulfilling all the conditions, it is enough to send your photo through the application. This will then be sent to the Fotolia teams, whether they approve or not, there will always be a reason to refer you if their answer is negative. As a result, it is still not made for anyone, you will need minimal talent and/or “photographic” inspiration succeeding in making you money, that wasn’t my case.

Now you know everything about this completely free app, feel free to act like a professional photographer if you feel good enough. Also, you can share your opinion and your own test of the app with us in the comments below.

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