Flight Radar 24: The app that tells you all about air traffic

Flight Radar 24 Pro is an application that allows you to monitor air traffic on a map. The application receives the information in real time, which allows you to follow the routes of the aircraft live.

How many planes are in the air right now? Where are they ? Where are they going? Flight Radar 24 can answer these and other air traffic questions. As the editor explains, the app uses three sources of informationalways makes it ultra complete about what’s going on.

  1. Most aircraft are equipped with transponders to permanently send their coordinates. Flight Radar is networked with stations receiving this data.. The app then displays this information on a map, for example in the form of an orbit.
  2. Aircraft without such a transponder are detected using multiple passes (a kind of triangulation) and therefore the Flight Radar also has this data.
  3. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration FAA broadcasts information directly from conventional radars in the United States and Canada; this is a broadcast that is also used by the app.

From there, Flight Radar 24 provides you with this information in every possible way, really every way. You can track planes in real time on a detailed map, turn your smartphone into the airport billboard of your choice (versus an in-app add-on) and still lots of possibilities. It is unlikely that the information you are looking for is not there.

But what caught our attention for their super fun aspects are two really cool ideas we got from designers. The first lets you point an airplane with your smartphone’s camera. to know about it in augmented reality, the second gives you the image of the driver in real time and in 3D.

Objectively, all this isn’t very helpful, but there’s something very nice about having real-time information about something magical like airplanes. And if that’s not fun for you, you can always refer to our selection of the 5 best Android games.

Flight Radar 24

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