Flashgap: The App That Turns Your Evenings Into A Terrible Trip!

You know, Very Bad Journey? You’ve heard of it, but if you haven’t seen the movies, you should definitely watch them. We throw it at you. Very Bad Trip is the story of a group of friends who are going to celebrate the bachelor party of one of the guys in the group and wake up the next day with no memories.

Throughout the film, the assistants try to re-establish the flow of events, and we can say that they find themselves in incredibly funny situations: tattooed face, marriage to a stripper, kidnapped tiger or giraffe, delusional in perspective.

At the end of each movie (there are three), the directors had the good idea to decorate the credits with stills of the famous night of hell. Well Young French have developed an app inspired by this principle to turn your evenings into a Terrible Trip..

App name: Flashgap and it is based on a simple principle: you create a joint album that you and your friends can feed with photos of your evening (your friends should also have the app on their smartphones). Better than Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter combined. Available on Android and iOS Almost anyone can participate.

Nothing original so far, other apps are already doing this. But four young Frenchmen, ages 22 to 25, considered the lethal trait: Photos taken in the evening will only be visible at full noon the day after the evening..

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This effect of bewilderment undoubtedly encourages experience to push towards more decadent situations than others. Imagine your friends’ faces when they discover your craziest shots!

The New Year is approaching, it will be the perfect opportunity to test this brand new app. Currently available in beta version. When you test it, feel free to send us your impressions. Take care to recover soon. Here to download the app:

google play streaming

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