Flash Avocat, the app that blows up your PV with one click

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Allan Schinazi and Yohan Dehan are the names of two young Parisian lawyers who decided to launch Flash Avocat. Purpose of the app: To connect drivers who want to dispute their PV with a lawyer.

The principle is quite simple: the user of the application Take a photo of the PV and send it via the app. Two lawyers will then review the ticket to look for loopholes that could void the report. What if there is no fault? Two lawyers:

We will not bring up the fact that we can cancel the ticket. We say by attacking what the client was exposed to, what he gained or not. He is always free to go through our services later or see another company. – Allan Schinazi, one of the two lawyers who created Flash Avocat –

The app actually aims to give advice for free. If it’s possible to do something, what happens in it? 80 to 90% of cases, according to two creators, a price quote is sent to the user. It’s up to him to accept it or go elsewhere.

With Flash Avocat, the two young content creators are essentially trying to democratize and even revolutionize legal advice. We want to democratize procedures, simplify access to customers, at the same price for all. You don’t start charging as soon as the customer walks through the door and sits on the seat. – Allan Schinazi, one of the two lawyers who created Flash Avocat –

Two young lawyer-entrepreneurs can appeal to a wide range of users, offering attractive rates: 20 euros for parking and 85 euros for other crimes. You will then need to calculate the costs of representation in court.

But the larger the volume of disputes, the more interesting it is to use these services. It is the mass that enables the two lawyers to apply these prices. Allan Schinazi explains:

Instead of sending a lawyer to the court for one client, he will come to the court for 50 clients. Of course it makes you pay less.

If the app is sure to please drivers, the two lawyers’ rivals have already stepped forward to literally discredit the app. This is the case of the highway law specialist firm Dufour, who completely eliminated the practice in the Point columns:

This is not used to cancel tickets, but only to forward a screenshot of a violation notice. […] So there is nothing innovative about it as our customers have been using their phone’s camera to transfer files to us for a long time, it’s nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

Allan Schinazi is not worried and only sees jealousy. rivals for it “They’re angry that they didn’t come up with the idea sooner. At the beginning of Facebook, we also said that this is nothing new because social networks already exist. Except that Facebook is revolutionizing communication”. And to add:

There is room for everyone, new, destructive. But we have to start, we moved from Minitel to computer!

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