Firefox OS v2.5: Download and install APK easily

The Firefox OS operating system, which is still in the trial phase, came to the fore at the beginning of the summer with a version that can be easily installed directly on Android. While it offered limited use and brought its fair share of bugs and other inconsistencies, it still had the merit of providing an interesting first look.

Today, a more advanced version has been made available to download and install. Still taking the form of an Android executable file, once launched it will act like a classic Android app launcher replacing a few items on your desktop. As this new OS will be possible, it still achieves a little more transform your system apps phone, text messages, mailbox, Play Store etc. You will be able to continue using your usual apps.
Firefox operating system 2 What’s new in Firefox OS v2.5

  • Extensions : extensions can be applied to one or more applications, including native ones, similar to those that can be added to the web browser.
  • Private browsing with tracking prevention : function launched in version 42 of the browser, this improvement in the protection of your Web sessions makes it possible to manage at what level your browsing can be tracked by Internet sites.
  • Pin the Web : you can “pin” the sites or web pages you want to refer to later to your desktop, ignoring the difference between the web or mobile versions of the websites.

Firefox operating system 1

However, Mozilla adds that to make this version 2.5 available on Android, its engineers must overcome a few restrictions. Also, since it’s still in development, fluency issues and other flaws are possible, especially at the navigation buttons level. Back button not working properlyThe Firefox operating system relies solely on the Home button.

Firefox OS 3

Download Firefox OS v2.5 APK or if the experience is conclusive, you can also update your smartphone by going to the official Firefox OS page.

You can refer to this thread of our Moyens I/O forum to see how to install an APK file.


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