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Facebook’s News Feed is very vague. The social network is actually in turmoil, accused of promoting hate speech and more likely to create engagement on users’ timelines. He’s trying to clear his name and publicize a new way to manage news feeds. If he still refuses to offer a chronological plot, he will offer this possibility. allows the user to better manage the viewed posts.

It’s going to be possible to manage the frequency with which posts appear. Do you want to see your friends’ posts first (if any are left)? Is it from groups you belong to or public pages or brands? It’s up to you to see by clicking on the special tabs. You can choose normal, low or high frequency.

Facebook is changing the way it delivers its news feed

Likewise, some advertisements You may now be excluded from your timeline. Don’t you want to hear more about politics? Don’t want to see news on your Facebook? This content will no longer be displayed. Advertisers will need to specify what topics they are addressing before actually running their ads.

For now, this innovation is only only a handful of users. If the tests provide conclusive results, the number of people affected will increase as the weeks go by. Ultimately, you will be able to have more control over your Facebook. However, this feature comes very late. For too long, the site’s news feeds have appeared to be an anonymous chaos governed by an opaque algorithm that Frances Haugen condemned. This desire for transparency may be a sign of good faith, but Mark Zuckerberg’s social network clearly doesn’t go far enough. The addition of a chronological timeline, which is loudly requested by users, does not seem to be on the agenda. Likewise, the emergence of some ads and sponsored posts is still a mystery.

Facebook has been trying to change its image for a while. Recently, the parent company chose to rename itself Meta and focused its new communications on the Metaverse. I’m not sure this is enough to regain the user’s trust.

Source : TechCrunch

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