Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are used 3 times more than SMS

Facebook recently held its annual developer conference, where it reviewed the future developments of its social network, as well as the many services it currently has.

For example, after presenting Facebook in virtual reality during an incredible demo, we came back to earth to talk about numbers. And at this point, Mark Zuckerberg’s venture that has become a web giant announces an interesting fact.

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp crush SMS

Indeed, the two apps claim over a billion users when it comes to WhatsApp and over 900 million for Messenger. But what is more interesting is that among them they claim more than 60 billion messages sent all over the world every day.

You don’t need to be a math genius to figure it out when you know that text messages now amount to 20 billion messages a day. 3 times more messages are now sent by chat apps.

SMS should evolve

It must be said that instant chat services have now replaced SMS which have become too restrictive for contemporary uses. Additional features are added over time, especially since apps like WhatsApp have experienced many updates.

But they also have the advantage of increased security. Indeed, a simple SMS would never allow such fine control as discussions passing over servers that can be encrypted end-to-end. WhatsApp also recently encrypted all discussions on its platform.

But that doesn’t mean messaging is dead. Indeed, Google joined forces with many partners to create its successor, with one specific goal: to continue to offer this software for free, and it is dominated by all smartphones, no matter their brand or system.

Do you find yourself in this statement?

However, global figures may not represent a country average or a specific user segment. That’s why we turn joyful : Do you use WhatsApp/Messenger much more than traditional SMS like Facebook ad?

Or do they still hold grace in your eyes and still represent God? majority your posts? Give us your response to the survey below and feel free to let us know your usage in the comments.

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