Facebook Messenger: ad soon in your mailbox

Text messages are almost dead and buried. For all the good this standard would have done, it must be admitted that its old age means that it is no longer really compatible with contemporary use of messaging on smartphones.

Now is instant photo, video and media time. That’s why instant chat apps have become legion. In France and many other countries, Facebook Messenger is the most used, along with its comrade-in-arms WhatsApp.

However, there will be a change in Facebook’s service that will not satisfy its users. As a matter of fact, the developer announced that it has started testing aimed at imaging. targeted ads in the purchase of these users.

These tests will begin in Australia and Thailand. ad will appear on the home page on special cards. However, these will only appear if you’ve started a conversation with a brand through the service.

We think this is closely linked to the advent of r.chatbots In Messenger, it is mostly used by brands to help consumers place orders or ask after-sales service questions.

Note that Facebook signals these brands to implement this feature, which will be requested by them. However, since group video discussions came to the app recently, that doesn’t prevent the service from developing.

It’s not surprising that a free app gets ads, but at least it doesn’t have to stay that way: Feedback from users who passed this test will help the developer make them final.

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