Facebook is a crazy monopoly, owning 4 of the 5 most downloaded apps in the world

The internet creates and breaks stars every 10 seconds, which is an eternal law for content creators and site creators alike. All dream of glory and podium finishes, but few are truly invoked.

But it’s not Mark Zuckerberg who wants it. The very young developer who started Facebook now finds himself at the head of a vast web empire that is slowly being immersed in virtual reality. But how much is available on mobile?

4 out of 5 most downloaded apps belong to Facebook

Sensor Tower analysts respond to us by revealing the most downloaded apps on mobile devices in the first quarter of 2017. The results are simple: Facebook continues to dominate more relentlessly than ever before.

Facebook groups have 4 of the top 5 most downloaded apps worldwide. Worse still, Snapchat could have had all of the top 5 had it not refused to take over.

You might think this isn’t a consistently confirmed trend, but it is: In 2016, the ranking was once again dominated by Facebook, proving to have a near monopoly on mobile as few can boast.

However, being successful on mobile does not necessarily mean being the most profitable. If Facebook is mobile first, its profits are collected by its platform itself, not its companion apps.

That’s why it’s Netflix that took the top spot, with +286% growth in revenue from its apps between Q1 2016 and 2017. The service is still more popular on mobile, so it’s no surprise the site is trying to optimize their streams for the platform.

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