Facebook accuses Apple’s anti-tracking app of killing “millions of small businesses”

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Apple implemented a new tool against ad tracking with the iOS 14.5 update released in May 2021. The principle is simple: App developers must ask users for permission to collect personal data. As you can imagine, this system was not received positively by everyone, especially Facebook and social networks. In the situations we experience with the resale of personal data solely for advertising purposes, this tool poses a serious threat to business.

In July 2021, we learned that 75% of iPhone users were using App Tracking Transparency (editor’s note: the official name for Apple’s anti-tracking protocol). It’s a disaster for Facebook, which can no longer provide certain basic data to its advertisers. It’s impossible to know which user to target for a particular product or whether an ad will be successful.

Mark Zuckerberg once again takes aim at Apple’s anti-tracking policy

But this Monday, October 25, 2021, social network publishes financial results for the third quarter of 2021. Facebook generated a total of $29.1 billion in advertising revenue. Despite these pretty good numbers, Mark Zuckerberg remains particularly angry about Apple’s anti-tracking tool.

During his phone call with investors, he said the Apple branding system was hurting Facebook, but also “millions of small businesses“. “As expected, we experienced revenue declines this quarter, due in part to changes Apple made; These changes affect not only our business, but also millions of small businesses who are already in difficult economic times. Indicates the CEO.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg agrees with Mark Zuckerberg, saying iOS 14.5 privacy changes “We benefited Apple’s advertising activities. Moreover, states that it is now much more difficult to precisely target an ad or, in the case of iOS users, measure the results of a campaign.

Source : 9TB5Mac

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