Doze: Download Android 6.0 Battery Saver for Lollipop

If you thought people with the privilege of getting the update running their Android devices under Marshmallow would be the only ones with this useful feature, you’d still have to stay under Lollipop for a while (sorry for earlier versions). wait, think again. One of the improvements that are iconic of Android 6.0 is called Doze and imagine it can now be installed under Lollipop.

For those who do not know what the Doze function is yet, we will say that it is a function that allows you to monitor the consumption of your applications when your smartphone is not in use. For example, when you sleep, Doze will prevent tasks and apps from running and connecting to the data network when the screen is off. It will still leave your messages and notifications as they are.

Doze applicationCurrently only a handful of terminals have this functionality, so you understand that those who have the latest system update can get an advantageous start to the Marshmallow distribution since .Doze app appeared on Google Play Store.

Much like the native Android 6.0 service that you can disable, Doze performs its functions with the screen off. This will take less than battery life. only need to lose between 3% and 5% overnight capacity (this varies by device).

Sleep app 2

For the app to work properly, it must be activated and then connected via a VPN. Once this is set, everything will be done automatically except the list of apps you have permanently authorized. The app is unlike the native version of Marshmallow starts as soon as the screen turns off while firing after a domestic hour of inactivity.

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