Cosmos Browser: Surf the internet without internet thanks to SMS

In many parts of the world where 3G or even less 4G is inaccessible, something like the Cosmos Browser can make all the difference. This Android browser does not need cellular data to work, so it can view web pages without being connected to the network.

At a time when entry-level smartphones provide 4G, there is still a large part of the world whose setups allow very few connections to “simple” 3G. Cosmos Browser often thinks only of users of all those places where you can call and receive SMS.

To get it working, all you have to do is copy the URL of a site and the application returns a minimalist and simplified version of the corresponding page, via SMS. On the GitHub page about the project (for those who don’t know, GitHub is a hosting and software development service, a kind of social network for developers), the Cosmos developers explain that the pages will open after you enter the URL. clean up

Firstly, by accessing the site’s code, the standard JavaScript or CSS elements are removed, then the Twilio servers used by the application collect the HTML code of the page, compress it using the GZIP compression algorithm and encode it in base 64, so it is transmitted via SMS. For this reason, The server can send everything in a series of SMS and then the HTML is reinterpreted by the application. will present a simplified version of the page.

cosmos browser internet without data

Certainly, The method will have limitations such as response time and rendering of overly complex pages.but on the one hand it is fun because its idea is great and on the other hand it will be very useful for people in areas with poor network coverage.

It can also be useful for us when we go abroad and want to avoid the out-of-pack delusions we may experience while browsing the web. The browser’s developers plan to launch their apps later this month, but the more robust among you can take a look at the project’s code on GitHub.


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