Chromer: a free app on Android that speeds up the loading of your web pages

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For example, we told you recently that using your browser to go to Facebook is much better than using Facebook. application with performance degradation. There are many other applications that are more or less effective.

Today we will tell you about a new trick to speed it up. any Android smartphone, especially for web pages and you just need to install a free app.

Ever heard of private tabs in Chrome? Probably not. It doesn’t matter, you just need to know that these tabs are created for: greatly reduce the loading time of web pages on Android devices.

The problem with custom tabs is that the solution needs to be implemented by developers in third-party apps to speed things up inside them. That was the only method so far, but now it’s over.

Indeed, Chromer is a free application developed by Arunkumer. Any app on your Android phone or tablet Take advantage of Google Chrome’s private tabs.

Loading a web page is one of the slowest things you can do with a mobile device, so you’ll notice the difference in speed right away. Note that with some tricks we can use Chrome better.

That’s why this app can be very useful in certain situations where RAM is quickly overloaded. You can download this application for free from the Play Store and let us know what you think in the comments.


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