Chrome: Google is developing a new ad blocker

Google is working on a new type of ad blocker for the Chrome browser, reveals 9To5Google, which detects information from the Chromium project platform. This is still tagged as Work In Progress which means that development is not complete and not 100% sure that the feature will appear in the final version of Chrome. But given the Mountain View company’s advertising policy in recent months, we can bet we’ll qualify for it sooner or later.

Chrome: Google continues to seek resource-intensive ads

This tool targets so-called “heavy” ads that require a large amount of resources to display. Ads using more than 0.1% bandwidth usage, 0.1% CPU usage per minute, and 0.1% total CPU time are disabled. A gray square will then appear, indicating the user, instead of where the ad is located. “Ad removed. Click for more details”. by clicking on Detailthis message is displayed: “Chrome removed the ad because this ad used too many resources for your device”.

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So it seems like Google is looking to take control of ad-blocking, as has its rival Opera, which has been taken over by third-party extensions since its inception, for example. We know that Google wants to kill ad blockers like Adblock in Chrome. The browser already has an ad-blocking system, but it still lets a lot of content through. In any case, it is unthinkable for Chrome to have an extremely strict policy on advertising, as Google generates most of its revenue from advertising through AdWords and AdSense.

Source : 9To5Google

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