Chrome: Google bans extensions that abuse personal data

This new privacy policy was adopted by Google last May. The firm has set a deadline for extension publishers to comply. After October 15, 2019, any new non-compliant extensions submitted to the Chrome Web Store will be rejected. Old extensions will also be removed.

Chrome: Google will clean up its extension store

In Google Chrome, 85% of extensions violate user privacy. Google decided to clean it up. In addition to modifying their extensions to access only the data necessary for their operation, developers have other obligations. Be more transparent about the use of personal data (scan activities, location, microphone, etc.) explains why they are collected and what they are used for.

This new measure is part of a series of changes made by Google to improve data protection. A few weeks ago, the firm introduced new rules that threaten the normal functioning of Adblock-type extensions by preventing them from accessing certain data deemed sensitive. Google has really announced that it wants to replace the Web Request API with Declarative Net Request.

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Both are used by extensions to filter scripts and content uploaded to websites. The second API is much more restrictive, which could mean the death of ad blockers in Chrome. Google says the open nature of its platform is a plus, but allowing third parties to access your sensitive data can open the door to abuse.

Source : Google

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