Chrome for Android: Google launches DNS encryption to protect your data

Last May, Google launched Chrome 83 on PC, and one of its main innovations is, DNS over HTTPS To make internet surfing safe. The company announced the same functionality for users of the mobile version of its browser. A chrome 85 update for Android will make the option available in the coming days.

Chrome: How does DNS encryption work?

When you enter a web address Chromium or if you have any browser it will be converted to single IP version which can be interpreted by machines. The role of the DNS server is to manage the correspondence between a website’s IP address and the associated domain name each time an Internet user makes a request. Only until now DNS has remained unencrypted as opposed to HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP.

HTTPS helps you browse or transact the web without fear of having your credit card data or personal information stolen by hackers, even when using a public WiFi connection. rDNS queries are only performed explicitly.It supports man-in-the-middle attacks, posing a real challenge to privacy and security.

Obviously, a malicious actor could block the context of DNS requests to reroute Internet traffic, allowing any kind of manipulation. Thanks to DNS over HTTPSQueries are encrypted, which greatly limits the risk of attacks that exploit the weaknesses of traditional DNS. Chrome 85 offers this encryption on Android.

Google Chrome will automatically switch to DoH if your ISP supports it. One thing to note, however, is that Google does not enforce the use of DNS ” By using this approach, we can protect all the services offered by your DNS service provider, such as parental controls, thus avoiding breaking user expectations., explains google on his site. The rollout of DNS encryption in the mobile version of Chrome will be rolling out gradually over the next few weeks.

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