Chrome APK Packer turns Android apps into extensions for Chrome

At the beginning of September, Google allowed the launch of several Android apps on Chrome OS (let’s talk about Vine and Evernote, for example). The opportunity was very good and a developer became interested in the port in question. A week later, on Windows, MacOS, and Linux, not to mention Chromebooks, most Android apps have managed to find a way to launch them in the Chrome browser. However, converting Android apps to a Chrome-usable extension didn’t work. not an easy operation. That’s where the Chrome APK Packer comes into play.

Chrome APK Packer helps make the step much easier It consisted of using a command line to turn Android apps into an extension that could be used by a Chrome session. All you have to do is download this new application directly from the Play Store and it will make your life much easier.

After installing it on your Android device, simply launch the Chrome APK Packager and then select one of the installed apps to quickly convert it to the required format for Chrome with the “create” button. this way you will get a zip file that should then be transferred to the machine under Chrome Wanted. For the rest of the process, you can refer to our tutorial to run Android apps on Windows, MacOS and Linux, which are perfectly usable in general.

While most Android apps are compatible with the method described here, remember this:there are notable exceptions. Not all users of Google Play Services start with this method. As some readers have pointed out to us, there are other incompatibilities depending on the situation, such as Clash of Clans. We invite you to try it yourself and let us know what works and what doesn’t in the comments.

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