Chrome on Android will let you clean up your internet activity in the last 15 minutes

Google is often criticized for its poor management of private data. However, the company continues to make improvements on Chrome, the most widely used browser in the world. Rumor has it that the Mountain View firm is preparing for an implementation. feature that will reconcile it with many browser users on Android.

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According to Chrome Story, Google will offer it to Internet usersdelete last 15 minutes of browsing history very easily. It is already possible to delete the content, but to the delight of some, the procedure is either tedious because it is too verbose: you have to process the entries one by one. Be very radical: we eliminate everything, since it is useful to memorize the most frequent searches, it’s a shame.

Chrome on Android will make your data more secure with Quick Erase

So far, the use of the mod Incognito mode was the easiest way to leave no trace in history Browser from Chrome. The addition of a feature last week that requires you to scan your fingerprint to unlock private browsing tabs hides their contents well from prying eyes. However, this does not guarantee the security of your data or your anonymity. Note that the Google browser is known to have the most vulnerabilities by far.

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New quick delete feature first deployed on Chrome for Androidand its activation will be done in two clicks. Click on the three vertical dots that appear at the top right of the menu bar and Choose “Quick Erase” (quick delete): Your web activity for the last 15 minutes has been lost.

Source : Chrome Story

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