Chrome 71 is available: Google improves Adblock, here are new features

Google now offers Chrome 71 as a stable version for download. The update is rolling out to Windows, macOS, and Linux. After a Chrome 70 update dedicated to respecting internet users’ privacy, this new version focuses more on security. In the process, Google fixed up to 43 vulnerabilities.

Chrome 71 is available for download, here’s what’s new

As promised, Google is greatly improving its ad blocker. From now on, Chrome’s Adblock will penalize websites that display abusive ads. According to Google, these are, for example, windows that display buttons or icons intended to deceive Internet users. If you click on the cross icon, which should close the window, you will actually open a bunch of other ads. We often come across such annoying pop-ups on illegal download or streaming sites. It is also a particularly common phishing tactic on the Internet.

If Google finds out that a site is replicating such practices, it blocks all ads from that site. Net giant will explicitly warn site administrators to allow them to rectify the situation. Google also enforces a 30-day period before ads are completely blocked.

Now Chrome will notify you if a website tries to extort money from you. As expected, Google also crashes websites that show unreadable or unclear payment information. If a website is about to charge you for a service and Google’s AI thinks you’re not getting clear information, you’ll get a warning. What do you think about these new measures?

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