ChatGPT: Our top 10 unexpected uses of AI

Artificial intelligence has experienced a meteoric rise in recent years. We’re already impressed with authoring tools or image generators, but one chatbot that’s very popular on the Web today is ChatGPT.

Some of you may already be using it to create cover letters, article summaries, help with assignments, or write emails. However, the speech model can do much more and Some Internet users’ uses of this may surprise you.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand user queries and respond to them naturally and conversationally. Launched for free by OpenAI in November 2022, artificial intelligence has been around ever since. It has been adopted by millions of users worldwide.

The latter, powered by a machine learning model called Generative Pretraining Transformer-3 (GPT-3), has since received even more powerful versions 3.5 and even 4.0. The latest version, which is still reserved for paying subscribers or Microsoft Bing users, for example, can now understand images as well as always be smarter.

Unlike a search engine that presents you with a set of information sources, ChatGPT presents information in a conversational and structured way, much like a human would answer questions. Artificial intelligence answers almost everythingand above all, he can completely reformulate his answer if you don’t like it. ChatGPT is privileged to be versatile and creative, here it is 10 unexpected uses of the free version of artificial intelligence.

1. When ChatGPT plays spell checkers

There are already dozens of tools on the market that allow you to correct spelling and grammatical errors in a text. However, most features are sometimes locked behind a paywall, but ChatGPT can properly inspect your text, and it’s free.

ChatGPT fixer

To do this” Check for spelling and grammar errors in the text below » and paste the text. The chatbot will then send you the newly edited text, and it will even detail all the changes made.

2. Ultimate Translator

Many high-performance expert translators are already available in dozens of languages, whether it’s DeepL or Google Translate, but they have one big problem: you get a translation and that’s it. It doesn’t matter if it’s the best possible translation or not, you’re basically stuck with this result, even if it’s possible to manually edit some words.

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With ChatGPT you can: customize translations to your specific needs and give your feedback on the changes you want to make. Unlike other tools, you can adjust the tone and style and have it take into account certain cultural connotations and regional differences in word meanings.

By default, Google Translate will give you a translation in an official tone. For example, by asking him to translate ” I love you », the translator will tell you « I love you “, and no” I don’t like you “.

Things get complicated for him when he is asked to translate idiomatic expressions. For example, Google Translate will literally translate” i smell a mouse (I smell a mouse), while the phrase means something went wrong.

ChatGPT for its part understands the context and then responds with the correct translation: ” there is something suspicious “. Better still, ChatGPT has even renamed the chat to “Cheating Husband”. although not mentioned in the original text.

3. An ideal tool for creating recipes

ChatGPT can generate recipes by asking how to make a chocolate cake or providing more information.

For example, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, etc. It is possible to create a recipe for a particular culinary variety, including You can even ask him for a recipe based on the main ingredient or taking into account a certain dietary restriction (gluten-allergic, vegetarian, etc.). Now all you have to do is fill in the cooking method if you want so that the answer fits your original idea better. recipes food chat

Even better, if you have a few ingredients left in the fridge, just list it and export it to ChatGPT. AI will take care to control what can be mixed with the listed ingredients.

4. ChatGPT allows you to create a slogan or brand name

If you lack creativity, know that ChatGPT is there for you. Whether to create your company name or to create a slogan, Join a real brainstorming session with AI.

slogan chat

5. How to write, explain or correct computer code using ChatGPT

Want help building a website or small piece of software but don’t know how? ChatGPT can generate computer code for you, provided you point it to whatever you want. If there is a problem with your existing code, artificial intelligence can also explain each part of the code to you, and even to debug if there is a problem.

6. An AI that knows how to create stories for your kids

You may know that ChatGPT already enables entire books to be written, but artificial intelligence is mostly used by parents all over the world to write their next bedtime stories from scratch to read to their kids.

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If your child likes a type of animal or a particular cartoon, ChatGPT can create: personalized stories are the most incredible of each other.

ChatGPT children's story

If these don’t suit you, you can ask them to restate the story, add details, or continue the story if it’s not long enough.

7. Explain math problems step by step

Doing your homework but not understanding a math sentence? ChatGPT not only gives you the answer quickly, but also Explain step by step how to solve the problem.

ChatGPT math

However, be aware that ChatGPT has some important limitations and He sometimes makes mistakes while solving math problems. Sometimes AI cannot perform complex calculations or provide reliable explanations in more difficult areas. Therefore, it is not suitable for use in areas where accuracy is a priority.

8. Preparing for a job interview

If your next job interview is coming up and you’re having trouble preparing on your own, ask ChatGPT to replace the company’s recruiter and ask you questions about the job you’re applying for.

ChatGPT interview

You can choose to ask him for a list of questions you may be asked, or even Join a more realistic conversation where AI tells you what’s wrong in your answers

9. Create songs

Songwriting isn’t always easy, but this task is far from intimidating ChatGPT. You can use ChatGPT to create lyrics for a song, or even give a song a title or theme and complete it on any recording.

You can also use ChatGPT to create melodies and chord progressions for a song or even entire compositionsby entering fairly specific information about things like style, instrumentation, and tempo.

ChatGPT song

ChatGPT can also analyze your favorite songs and even compare them with others to find commonalities. unfortunately it won’t It is not yet possible to create an exact score.

10. Extract data from text

It is sometimes useful to extract certain data from a text. ChatGPT allows you to, for example:extract main topics, create a summary and even create a table of contents.

This will help to organize and present content clearly and effectively, making it easier for readers to find, understand and engage.

In addition to all its examples, some Internet users are full of ideas to exploit the full potential of artificial intelligence. Internet users, for example, had different AIs collaborate by asking ChatGPT to create images in a loop in MidJourney or DALL-E before inventing a story for them. Others, however, prefer to talk to ChatGPT as if they were a friend, because remember, this conversational pattern stands out especially when you get into a real discussion with him.

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