ChatGPT is one-tap accessible on Android with Microsoft’s SwiftKey keyboard

Microsoft developers went faster than expected. Six days ago we were talking about the arrival of ChatGPT on the Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for Android smartphones. Access to Bing, and therefore Bing Chat, was then reserved for beta testers. Since the Redmond firm has made the decision, the feedback appears to have been extremely positive. release your product to the general public today.

In addition to the usual bug fixes, Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard version, new Bing direct access button it also offers to chat with Bing GPT-4, the in-house chatbot based on ChatGPT (GPT-4 language model). In the app’s own words, “Bing in SwiftKey includes: call, chat and tone changing functions and provides easy access to AI-powered tools.”

SwiftKey with ChatGPT for Android smartphones is out of beta

This new version of the keyboard for Android also brings other changes. now possible search for emoji in multiple languages, including Arabic, English, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish”. If you’ve never tried SwiftKey, Microsoft’s predictive gesture keyboard, we can only recommend that you give it a try. As well as being so easy to adopt and pretty fun – you slide your finger from one letter to the next and your smartphone “guesses” the next word you want to enter – it offers almost endless configuration possibilities.

Microsoft is once again the company to watch right now. since you have Huge investment in OpenAI and ChatGPT developmentThe company integrates AI into all products and services in its catalog with Windows 11, Microsoft 365, OneNote, and even Security Copilot in IT security.

Source : MS Authorized User

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