Be careful, hackers are sending millions of emails to steal your money, here’s how to protect yourself

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In today’s cybercrime environment, botnets and ransomware threatening -most worrying. THE Phorpiex botnetKnown for its longevity and adaptability get involved in big networks Computers to run spam campaigns and distribute malware. LockBit BlackReally fast ransomware, exploiting vulnerabilities encrypt files victims and ask for ransom to decrypt them.

Recently, this threat has gained momentum with a campaign organized through. Millions of malicious emails Posted by Phorpiex botnet. According to NJCCIC, an American agency specializing in cybersecurity, these attacks Attachments containing ZIP file Contains an executable program. Once activated, it distributes the infamous LockBit Black ransomware, which then, lock files on recipients’ computers.

These hackers force you to pay ransom to unlock your computer

The LockBit Black ransomware used in these attacks was most likely created from LockBit 3.0, a model whose blueprints were leaked online by an individual. disgruntled developer However, it is worth noting that this particular campaign is not linked to the actual criminal organization behind LockBit. Rather, it reflects a growing trend among cybercriminals to exploit existing ransomware on the black market for their own accounts.

THE fake emails It ships under names like “Jenny Brown” or “Jenny Green” and originates from multiple locations 1,500 IP addresses It is different and distributed in regions such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Russia and China. Although this “spray and pray” method is less targeted than other types of cyberattacks, it has proven its effectiveness by: overwhelming amount of emails Sent to maximize your chances consensus systems victims.

This massive phishing campaign shows the importance of staying vigilant online. This is very important never open an attachment If you’re definitely not sure of origin. Use a good antivirus and enable it. spam filters It can also help protect your data against such threats.

Source : NJCCIC

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