Best Moto Z4 Cases and Covers

In this guide we share a list of the best cases for Moto Z4. Cases that will keep your phone safe and scratch-free when not covered by MotoMod or other accessories.

Even though the Moto Z4 has a shatter-proof display, you’ll want to fully protect the phone. We’ve found thin cases, clear cases, or rugged cases that offer heavy-duty protection. Some are priced under $8, while more expensive options come from reputable brands. Buy one today.

Motorola’s latest Moto Z4 looks almost identical to last year’s Z3 and is a continuation of the modular phone idea. However, the cases for Moto Z3 do not fit. Basically, you’ll want to get a case that will cover the large 6.4-inch screen and protect those dual rear cameras from life’s daily hazards.

We recommend investing in a quality case from a brand you know and trust, but even a cheap $8 TPU case from Amazon is better than nothing. Fortunately, we’ve found a few great cases to choose from. Whether it’s a cheap TPU case or a Moto Z4 Speck case sold in Verizon stores. Either way, we’ve got you and your device protected.

Many Moto Z owners have several Moto Mods and that’s fine. However, when you’re not using the JBL speaker mod or anything else, we highly recommend putting your phone in a case. This way it doesn’t slip out of your hand and the big screen stays safe. So, buy one today from our slideshow below.

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