Best Huawei P30 Cases

Here are the best Huawei P30 cases available to keep that fancy design and keep all those cameras on your phone safe. Also, a case with a large 6.1-inch display is highly recommended. Huawei P30 cases come in several different styles or durability levels. From thin cases, heavy duty cases, even kickstand and wallet cases.

We’ve found cases for under $8 which are far better than paying over $200 to repair a shattered screen or a scratched camera lens. The most durable cases from reputable brands cost around $15-20 and offer even more protection. Choose the best for you from our compilation below.

Best Cases for Huawei P30

  1. Spigen Rugged Armor for P30 – $13
  2. Official Huawei Smart Flip Case – $22
  3. VRS Design Thin Transparent Shell – $11
  4. Futanwei Double Armor Case – $9
  5. Ringke Fusion-X Impact Pad – $13
  6. Spigen Slim Armor Kickstand Case – $39
  7. Vinve Crystal Clear Hard Shell – $8
  8. Hoomil Premium Leather Wallet Case – $13

1. Spigen Rugged Armor for Huawei P30

As always these days, our first recommendation is the always stylish Spigen Rugged Armor. This case has become a staple in all briefs as it is one of the best overall cases you can buy. Not too thick, not too thin, but also strong, sturdy and affordable.

Spigen’s Rugged Armor is all matte black with a non-slip coating to help you grip the phone. The entire case is made of flexible and shockproof TPU material with air cushion technology at the corners for added protection against drops. Then they flattened the edges and added a fancy carbon fiber design with glossy accents.

2. Huawei Smart Flip Cover

Similar to Samsung’s popular Clearview flip covers, Huawei also offers a Smart Flip case for the P30 and P30 Pro. This durable TPU clamshell case folds up to protect your 6.1-inch screen from life’s daily hazards. Then, a small “Smart Window” lets important information such as time, date, weather info or incoming notifications shine through.

Basically, you get information at a glance, without having to open the safe or show the screen. Even when it’s turned off, you’ll still get information from the safe’s window. Give it a try today.

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3. VRS Design Slim Transparent Shell

Want to let one of the many stylish colors of the Huawei P30 shine through in your case? If you have Pearl Blue or Amber Sunshine, this is for you. VRS Design is crystal clear, so every color stands out with style.

The transparent back is a tough polycarbonate plastic. Next, they added a soft TPU bumper in clear or black color to the sides to absorb shocks from falls or accidents. This gives you plenty of protection in a slim package and is well worth buying.

4. Futanwei Double Armor Case

Next up is the Futanwei Armor case with a unique dual-layer design for added durability. This case looks pretty solid and industrial, but some people like it. On the inside, they use a soft, shockproof TPU material that will absorb forces if you drop your phone.

Then it’s an all-hard polycarbonate plastic to keep the exterior extra sturdy. There’s raised edges around the camera lenses and screen, faux carbon fiber styling, and a TPU soft shell on all four corners for added drop protection. This is a tough situation for those who need extra stamina.

5. Ringke Fusion-X Impact Pad

We love the Ringke Fusion-X series because it combines two popular case styles in one slim case. You get a durable, thin, transparent case that will showcase the Huawei P30’s beautiful color options and solid protection around the phone’s edges.

They use a hard polycarbonate clear plastic on the back, then a Black or Blue TPU rubber bumper on the outer edge to help your grip and prevent damage from drops. In addition, this case has a military grade drop protection rating of 10 ft. You can’t beat this.

6. Spigen Slim Armor Kickstand Case

Next up is another case from the popular brand Spigen, and to be honest, this should probably be our first recommendation. The Spigen Slim Armor is an all-around great case. It’s not too thick, it’s not too thin, it’s durable, fits like a glove, and has a built-in kickstand.

That’s everything we love about Tough Armor, but with a little more durability and extra features. This slim TPU case has a hard polycarbonate plastic and a kickstand on the middle back of the phone that wraps around the edges to make it super strong. That way, all the corners and key areas are still TPU to absorb the impact from drops, but if anything worse happens, it’s strong enough to handle any situation. You can also listen to Netflix hands-free.

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7. Vinve Crystal Clear Hard Shell

We know that most people who buy the Huawei P30 will choose one of the great colors they have to offer. Honestly, no phone maker offers colors that look this good. As a result, you’ll want a clear case to show what you’ve chosen.

Vinve is crystal clear and will let this crazy Red P30 show itself. Most of the case is a hard polycarbonate plastic that is 100% clear, then they added a softer TPU bumper around the bezels for drop protection and better grip. A nice little case that everyone will enjoy.

8. Hoomil Premium Leather Wallet Case

Finally, for now, this high quality premium PU leather wallet case for Huawei P30. Leave your bag at home and you’ll have nothing to worry about by turning your phone into a wallet. This safe has a magnetic latch that keeps all your wallet contents safe and also protects the screen when closed.

Open the PU leather case and you have two credit card or ID slots and a full-length slot for cash, checks, receipts and more. We like that there’s a thin TPU frame inside the case that also wraps around the body of the phone. Case and wallet all in one. Fold the case outward and it will instantly transform into a kickstand case, which is nice. If you like wallet cases, this one in PU leather is a great option for under $13.

We will update this roundup with larger cases as they become available.

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