Best Galaxy S10e Screen Protectors

These are the best Galaxy S10e screen protectors available to help keep your phone safe. A screen protector with a large, fancy 5.8-inch display and a cutout for the camera is highly recommended.

Galaxy S10e screen protectors come in two main styles and durability levels. You can buy an inexpensive film at most carrier retail stores or opt for chemically strengthened strong glass protectors.

There are a few suggestions for under $8 on our list; that’s better than spending $200 to replace a shattered screen. Or, more reputable options from popular brands cost more than $50 but provide the highest levels of protection against life’s daily hazards.

Best Galaxy S10e Screen Protectors

  1. Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy S10e – $50
  2. Spigen NeoFlex TPU Film 2 Pack – $9
  3. BodyGuardz PureGlass – $40
  4. LK Tempered Double Defense Glass – $10
  5. InvisibleShield Glass+ VisionGuard – $45
  6. IQShield LiquidSkin 2-Pack Film – $8
  7. amFilm Tempered Glass Easy Kit – $10
  8. QITAYO Premium Tempered Glass – $9

1. Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy S10e

The first Galaxy S10e screen protector we would recommend is the award-winning Whitestone Dome Glass kit. This company has perfected the installation process and ships each screen protector to your phone with a UV light that chemically cures the protector. A perfect fit that doesn’t come off, excellent touchscreen sensitivity and durable protection.

We also love that Whitestone provides an easy-to-install alignment tray, that way you’ll always install the protector perfectly the first time. Align the tray and secure your phone in place, then drip the “liquid clear adhesive” onto the screen. Take down the tempered glass screen protector and cure it with the included UV light. It’s that simple.

Whitestone is part of the “Made for Samsung” program that guarantees a perfect fit and a great experience.

2. Spigen NeoFlex TPU Film 2-Pack

Next up is the Spigen NeoFlex film for those who don’t want to spend $50 on screen protection. Spigen is a brand we know and trust that makes great cases, and they promise the NeoFlex film will fit on your Galaxy S10e like a glove and be compatible with cases. In this way, when you throw your phone in a case, the edges do not rise and your screen protector does not deteriorate.

Most screen protectors should fit perfectly, as the Galaxy S10e is the first Galaxy in a few years to have a flat screen instead of curved edges. Spigen’s NeoFlex film promises 99.9% clarity, an easy, bubble-free installation and a precise cut for the front camera. Plus, this military-grade film does not discolor over time and has a unique self-healing technology that fills in scratches over time. This is an excellent and affordable Galaxy S10e screen protector, and you get two in case you screw up or ruin the first one.

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3. BodyGuardz Pure Glass

The BodyGuardz Pure 2 premium glass for the Galaxy S10e claims to be “a cut above the rest” in terms of the glass used to keep your screen safe. We’ve used their products successfully for years, and this is another great option for Galaxy S10e owners.

Perhaps the best thing about this screen protector is the advanced edge protection that is color-matched to the phone. This way the glass blends in with the rest of the phone. They also use a 2D rounded beveled edge so the edges are smooth when scrolling and typing on the Galaxy S10e. They also use an extra layer of “border glue” on the edges to ensure the screen protector doesn’t peel, break or come off the case. It’s some of the toughest and most durable glass on the market, so give it a try.

4. LK Tempered Double Protection Glass 3-Pack

One of the best screen protection brands for Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 came from LK known as Lightning Knight. They’re back with a new “double shield” tempered glass for the Galaxy S10e, and you get three screen protectors for one low price. Yes, it’s a 3-pack but only $10.

With the LK you get an easy alignment frame for perfect installation every time, lifetime replacements in case your glass cracks, breaks or rises and falls off the screen, and top quality glass with a military grade 9H hardness rating. Like the phone itself, the LK glass comes with an oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating to keep the screen clean. And unlike our other protectors, this one DOES NOT have a cutout for the front camera which means the camera lens will never get scratched.

5. Invisible Shield Glass+ VisionGuard

Everyone should know about Invisibleshield by now, as they pioneered screensavers years ago. ZAGG is back with a completely new type of Invisibility glass screen protection. This is Glass+ VisionGuard that promises to keep your Galaxy S10e screen safe, as well as your eyes.

This tempered glass screen protector features the usual ZAGG industry-leading chemically strengthened glass, but they’ve also built a blue light filter inside the protector. Similar to Night Mode on your phone, this glass will help prevent eyestrain by blocking blue light from the screen. But it does this without changing the look or colors of the screen. So you’ll enjoy the vibrant Galaxy S10e display without worrying about scratches or eye strain. Expensive but worth it.

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6. IQShield LiquidSkin 2-Pack Film

Next up is the popular IQShield LiquidSkin for the Galaxy S10e. This is a 2-pack so you have a protector for you and your other lover, or a spare to keep as a backup. Each IQShield comes with a proprietary screen protector easy install tray, spray solution, squeegee, lint-free cloth and easy-to-follow instructions.

Their films are extremely thin, durable, and vividly clear. It also has a unique self-healing property where over time minor micro-scratches will truly disappear. Each piece of film is flexible yet strong, does not turn yellow or discolor over time, and when you apply LiquidSkin to your phone, it ensures that it does not have that weird texture or “orange peel” look. If your IQShield skin ever comes off, scratches or deteriorates in any way, they offer a lifetime easy replacement warranty program.

7. amFilm Tempered Glass Easy Kit

Next up is the amFilm tempered glass easy install tray kit. amFilm was one of the most popular and top rated screen protectors for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8, so naturally we knew they would offer something great for Samsung’s latest phones.

The Galaxy S10e’s amFilm tempered glass is only 0.03mm thin, so you’ll hardly notice it on your device, and it’s thin enough that you can still use a case. Then it meets all the usual 9H hardness levels and is one of the toughest glass options on the market. They also provide an easy installation tray so you get the perfect setup on the first try.

8. QITAYO Premium Tempered Glass

Last but not least, for now, another inexpensive but durable piece of glass for those who want full protection. Although we have only tried one QITAYO product in the past, it has worked great. Plus, this tempered glass has solid reviews on Amazon that are real reviews, suggesting that the product is great and offers plenty of protection.

So while ZAGG and WhiteStone are big brands with great products, these last two recommendations should provide a similar experience and protection without the high price tag. If you’re on a tight budget, try this or amFilm.

In closing, the S10e is flat, unlike the Galaxy S10 and S10+, where the edges are curved and the fingerprint sensor is inside the glass. This means that all screen protectors should fit great. So while we recommend a durable glass first, a film from Spigen or IQShield is your best bet if you hate glass screen protectors. We’ll update this list with more options as we try and find the best Galaxy S10e screen protectors.

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