AutoDraw: Google AI turns your doodles into beautiful drawings

we all want to have an innate talent for drawing, and being able to achieve beautiful things with a few pencil strokes. Unfortunately, most of us do not have this skill and we do not have time to take lessons to improve ourselves.

Fortunately, thanks to artificial intelligence, it is now possible to turn your silly doodles into understandable drawings. That’s what Google offers with AutoDraw, a new program that can be accessed from a browser on mobile or PC. Based on machine learning technologies, this platform can quickly identify what you are trying to plot from a database fed by other users to give you more satisfying processing.

AutoDraw: A new program based on Google’s experimental QuickDraw game

Some of you may be familiar with QuickDraw, a little game Google has been offering for several months. In this game, the user has to draw an imposed object and the artificial intelligence tries to guess what it is based on other users’ drawings corresponding to the same keyword. Thanks to this game and the people playing it, Google was able to feed the database used by AutoDraw.

When artificial intelligence understands what the user is trying to draw, presents him with a list of drawings representing the same object, and all he has to do is choose. Google’s AI is very insightful, and even if you’re really bad at it, it will likely understand what you’re trying to picture in seconds.

For now, AutoDraw seems devoid of any real use. It’s a more fun experience to show the potential of machine learning algorithms, like QuickDraw. However, later collected data can be used by Google to create new services or improve existing services.

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