Apple Watch saved the lives of two men who needed emergency heart surgery

apple watch heart alert

Michael Gallegos of Wichita, Kansas, received an Apple Watch as a gift from his son Nick. One day, the watch detected that his heart rate was abnormally low for more than 10 minutes and notified Nick via the “Family Sharing” feature. Nick went to check on his father and found him asleep, but later that night, He received another warning that his father had an irregular heartbeat.

Fearing something was wrong, Nick took his father to the emergency room, where he was diagnosed with a heart condition that required a pacemaker. Doctors told Michael that if he didn’t have a pacemaker, he would die very quickly.

These are just two examples of how Apple Watch saves lives by detecting heart problems and alerting users to seek medical attention. As the device has already proven many times, This is not just a smartwatchbut it is also a health monitoring device that can save many lives.

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