Anytime: Amazon is developing a messaging app to challenge Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

Amazon wants war! In a battle with Amazon Prime Video against Netflix for the best video-on-demand service, the brand decided in 2018 to compete with giants like Facebook or WhatsApp. instant messaging area. What does Amazon have in mind: another simple messaging app or an innovative new system?

How will Amazon’s Anytime work?

According to AFTVNews, the Always principle is simple and assertive: Amazon wants to combine the best of instant messaging services already available in the market. That’s why the idea of ​​Amazon turns out to be a real challenge for brands like Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Should they always be afraid of Amazon’s arrival?

What will be the features of the messaging service? According to AFTVNews, a media outlet that seized documents used for Amazon market research, Anytime will offer a wide range of services similar to what Facebook Messenger already offers – but without ads.

Examples include voice and video calls, gifs, stickers, location and music sharing, booking services like room or flight via chatbot, augmented reality filters like Snapchat, games, etc. you can contact anyone without having to request a link and without having to fill in your phone number!

Bonus, it should also be possible to share an invoice or bill within the app itself. A feature already available for American Facebook Messenger users but coming to France only in 2018! In short, Amazon has chosen to optimize features already proven by its competitors.

When will Anytime be released? No idea ! Is messaging already on its way or is it still in the project phase? Is there room for Amazon in the already crowded instant messaging services space? If the idea of ​​Amazon doesn’t convince you and you want to test other messengers, take a quick look at our 13 best messaging apps dedicated to you for sure to try!

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