Android TV: don’t buy any boxes, some are full of malware

When purchasing a device online,go for the cheaper option that promises the same features as the more expensive models. However, as recently reported, cheaper options are sometimes fraught with malware. In response to these issues, Google said it has taken steps to help users keep their Android TV devices safe and protect them from potentially dangerous apps from certain companies.

In a recent article, Google officially acknowledges that there are box models sold today. It’s called “Android TV” but actually uses the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Google states that these devices may technically include Google apps or even the Play Store without actually being licensed by Google.

Google tells you how to choose your Android TV box

To help customers shop securely, Google recommends visiting the official Android TV website, which has a list of Android TV and Google TV authorized partners. Also, Google highlights Play Protect, a certificate in the Play Store that checks if a device is officially authorized by Google. The company has provided detailed steps on how to verify the certificate on a support page.

We recently received inquiries about TV boxes created with the Android Open Source Project and marketed as Android TV OS devices. Some may come with non-Google licensed Google apps and Play Store which means these devices are not Play Protect certified. To help you verify if a device is certified for Android TV OS and Play Protect, our Android TV website provides the most up-to-date partner list. Google said.

If you don’t know which Android TV box to buy, we suggest you also take a look at our comparison of the best devices in 2023.

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