Android N Developer Preview 2: What You Need to Know

In March, Google shocked the Android world by announcing and release A preview (beta) of Android N months before Google I/O. The place where the company usually introduces the next version of Android. And in early April, before the summer release date, Google developer preview 2 Update with lots of changes, new features and fixes. This is what Nexus (and Sony Xperia Z3) owners need to know.

The Android N beta update, or developer preview, will be available starting April 13 via Factory images that users can download and install, or via Google’s new over-the-air updates for beta testing. It’s called build NPC91K and is currently available on Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Pixel C, and select Android One devices. Nexus Player is not yet supported. on April 21 Google added Sony the first non-Nexus developer preview to join.

As many already know, Android N brings many changes to our smartphones and tablets. However, developer preview 2 fixes the bugs of the first version to make Android N more stable, adds more features and introduces a new Vulkan 3D API for improved performance, gameplay, graphics and more. That’s the brief description and we have more details after the break.

Some notable new features in Android N are native multi-window support for tablets and smartphones for enhanced multitasking, direct response to notifications from the popup bar, bulk notifications for a cleaner look for similar notifications, and significant improvements to Android Doze. this saves battery life. Doze puts Android in deep sleep low power mode to save battery, and with Android N this happens not only after prolonged tapping but also when the screen is turned off.

Earlier in the rumors it was suggested that Google will allow 3rd party manufacturers like Sony, Motorola, Samsung or whatever to participate in the developer preview of Android N. This would be a huge deal as they are usually only Google’s Nexus devices. Google today announced Android N is now available for Sony Xperia Z3. Users can flash the same as Nexus owners, and updates come from Sony going forward. This is big news and I hope other major phone manufacturers do the same soon. (end of update)

Android Doze was introduced with Android M and is even more advanced, efficient and aggressive in Android N. Expect big results in battery saving. So what’s new in Android N Developer Preview 2? Here’s what we know so far, based on the release details provided by Google.

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For the most part, Android N DP2 builds on features from the first release and fixes problems, but it also adds a lot to Android. It’s not very visual, except for most new emojis, but here’s the full list.

Android N will have "human looking" emoji characters

Android N will have “human looking” emoji characters

This is all a bit technical, but actually Android is getting faster, more powerful, more natural and user-friendly all at the same time. The Vulkan API was mentioned earlier this year and is now fully integrated into the second developer preview. It offers massive performance improvements from both CPU and GPU for heavy tasks, application usage, gaming and more.

Owners can expect faster and smoother performance, higher benchmark results, and simply a better overall Android experience. However, this is still a developer preview or beta test, and issues will arise as Google continues to work on an official release later this summer.

Launcher Actions is something we’ve seen for a long time in 3rd party apps like NOVA launcher and will add powerful shortcuts to our devices running Android N. It’s good to see this added to stock Android, and we’ll talk more about that in our Android 6.0 vs Android N comparison.


Added a number of bug fixes from the first preview, better multitasking window mode, faster and more customization and much more. Users can expect tons of minor changes here and there in the coming hours or days. We’re downloading Android N DP2 as we speak and all changes will be updated as they become available.

It doesn’t look like over-the-air updates for now. beta program It is yet to be released, although it says they have received several unconfirmed reports. If you don’t want to wait, watch the how-to section near the top of the page to install Android N Developer Preview 2 right now.