Android Messages will encrypt your SMS end-to-end like Telegram

Privacy protection is an important issue for tech companies. Most, such as Whatsapp, Apple or Telegram, offer encrypted messaging to guarantee maximum security. Google will also offer such a service by: Messages app on Android. The Mountain View firm states that it tries to completely encrypt its messages so that no third parties can access it, whatever the case:

“End-to-end encryption ensures that no one, including Google and third parties, can read the content of your messages from your phone on the way to the phone of the person you’re typing”

Data protection is also A new standard in the Messages app. Thus, the SMS format will be abandoned in favor of RCS (Rich Communication Services). This standard proposes to attach images, GIFs and even videos to your text messages in addition to text messages. Data protection is also a strong argument for Google.

Data protection is a global issue

Privacy protection is a key issue that came to the fore with the Snowden case in 2013. Some states still want a way out of tech companies today. Reaching private messages in case of force majeure, but mostly without success. We remember the terrorist attack in San Bernardino in 2016, when Apple firmly refused to unlock the attacker’s phone.

The US government also asked Facebook leave a back door On its platform to be able to access private messages on Messengers or WhatsApp. One request left a dead letter, Facebook had no intention of surrendering.

That’s why Google wants to move in that direction by providing protection. users at any cost. Testing will begin next month for distribution next year. Good news for those concerned about the protection of their data.

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