Android: Google wants to put an end to the problems of managing apps in the background

for several years, Android has always had trouble managing apps running in the background. While Google provides guidelines on how smartphones should do background processing, it’s not uncommon for manufacturers to tweak Google’s protocols in the name of battery efficiency.

It just happens that sometimes these changes definitely affect the running of certain apps in the background. At the Google I/O 2022 conference, the Mountain View company told developers it aims to fix the problem. During a presentation on best practices for background processes, Jing Ji, software engineer for Android frameworks, talked about the challenges Google faces in this process. Encourage manufacturers not to optimize the autonomy of their devices in a way not intended by Android.

We’ve seen device manufacturers place various restrictions on apps, which are often undocumented. This can make it difficult for app developers, for example, whose foreground service may run as expected on one manufacturer’s device but unexpectedly kill on another.” Explains Jing Ji.

Standardize battery management on Android 13

As you can see, Google’s goal is to integrate standardized battery management functions at the Android system level. This will render the optimizations performed by OEMs unnecessary. Android 13 definitely needs to make a few changes in this direction.

The new version of Google’s mobile operating system, especiallyA new feature called TARE or Android Resource Economy. In summary, this system will be able to learn how your apps are working and may or may not allow them to perform certain tasks in the background. Additionally, they will have access to more data about users. energy consumption of each application in foreground and background. A notification can be sent to the user to warn the user when an application in the background is draining your battery.

However, it should be noted that Android 13 will no longer constantly close applications in the background. Google is also working on a new protocol that will help Android better choose which background apps to turn off to avoid data loss or not receiving certain notifications.

Source : Android Police

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